Life Coaching Services

Partnering with a Life Coach helps build confidence to achieve goals, as well as learn valuable life skills and routines that will benefit you throughout your life! 

Contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation. We will strategically create a plan to help you address the areas of your life where you are feeling stuck, implement proven techniques that will help you begin to create the rewarding and fulfilling life you are searching for.

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    Life Coaching

    Career Coaching

    Personal Development Coaching

    Confidence Coaching

    Benefits of Working with a Life Coach or Career Coach

    • Learn to balance life and work
    • Find more Joy and fulfillment
    • Improve your communication skills
    • Recognize patterns and behaviors 
    • Cultivate personal insights
    • Self-appreciation skills
    • Lower anxiety
    • Manage Stress
    • Stay Focused
    • Set yourself up for wins
    • Realize your own success
    • Manage your activity and time better
    • Boost Productivity
    • Learn how to embrace change
    • Improve relationships

    Are You Feeling Stuck?

    Do any of these statements ring true?

    I know I’m capable of more but I feel stuck...

    I’m caring and intelligent, but want to nurture my emotional intelligence ...

    How do I balance doing my best at work and still having a life outside of work?

    I want to stop being my worst critic...

    What are the things in my life that are holding me back from growing?

    This is what we hear from many of our clients that start with us. We invite you to explore all the benefits our coaching has to offer!

    Here are some things you can expect with Genesis EQ Coaching

    • You’ll receive practical and supportive advice to help you move ahead in your life, work, or both
    • You’ll gain strength and insights in managing and overcoming obstacles
    • You’ll find growth personally, which in turn will help you grow professionally!
    • You’ll learn self-appreciation and self-love
    • Your confidence in problem-solving will grow
    • And best of all you’ll be surprised and how quickly you can effect change

    Life and Career Coaching

    For Busy Professionals

    "I work with ambitious people who are keen to progress to the next level in their life and career. I challenge professionals who are unhappy or dissatisfied in their career and lead them to fulfilling and invigorating professional growth. I will thoughtfully create a custom combination of techniques to help you reach your goals."

    ~ Reese Bellamy, Ph.D.

    Reese Bellamy, Ph.D.


    Reach out today to request a brief complimentary consult. We’ll discuss your situation, and see how we can help. If it’s a good fit then we’ll get you started. 

    We offer convenient scheduling for virtual sessions, frequency based on your goals and our recommendations to achieve them, whether it’s a few times per week, weekly, or bi-weekly. 

    While clients often can see improvements rather quickly, lasting change takes time. Some clients feel that 3-6 months of coaching is very beneficial while others want to continue on for much longer with us for sustained support and change. 

    Our clients receive an invoice for our services, as a “superbill” which can then be reimbursed by insurance. 

    Please email us with any questions you may have at info@genesiseqgroup.com