Business & Career Consulting

Today is the day to start creating the professional life you deserve!

We offer professional, 1:1 consulting for business owners, future leaders and entrepreneurs who want to make a change or achieve new goals. Drawing from more than 20 years of experience, Reese coaches across a range of areas acting as a catalyst to improve personal and business performance, overcome self-limiting beliefs and drive career progression.



Years as a Fortune 500 Executive

Senior roles include VP of Diversity and Inclusion, VP of Talent Acquisition, and VP of Developing Business Lines. Recognized in the Fox Business News’ ‘Ones to Watch, Top 30 under 40’ city list.



Clients Coached

From young professionals and entrepreneurs to seasoned CEO’s from a multitude of sectors. 



Hours of Business Consulting

Specializing in project management, business forecasting & KPI development , branding, sales & communication, wellbeing and leadership. 

Career Consulting for Busy Professionals

I work with ambitious people who are keen to progress to the next level in their career or business opportunity. I challenge professionals who are unhappy or dissatisfied in their career and lead them to fulfilling and invigorating professional growth. I will thoughtfully create a custom combination of techniques to help you reach your goals.

~ Reese Bellamy, Ph.D.

Why Business & Career Consulting

You're smart, educated and talented at what you do, so why would you hire a consultant? There are many reasons why you might want to have coaching.

Here are a few scenarios, some of these might resonate with you:

  • Is your work load growing more demanding, and feels like it's starting to take over your life?
  • Has your business grown quickly and you need human resource strategies in place to support the growth?
  • Do you need to expand your team, yet are unsure how to attract talent to support your company culture?
  • Perhaps you had your eye on a promotion and didn't get it?
  • You're ambitious, have big dreams and goals & are not sure how to make them happen?

If any of these things resonate, contact us today to launch your personal EQ development through our consulting services. 

Our Clients Work At

Advance Your Career Program

Working together with me you will learn to;

  • Build stronger connections, and more influential relationships
  • Improve your communication skills with your team members, leaders, and clients in all the areas that matter
  • Learn how to get paid what you're worth 
  • Be more assertive and confident at work
  • Learn techniques how to garnish the respect, get more respect and the recognition you desire

Tailored for You!

Coaching sessions are 1:1, and I work with you in whichever area you want to focus on in each session. I will tailor the approach, tools and exercises that I feel will be most helpful, based on your individual goals and situation. We will adapt our meetings to a length and cadence that work best for you and leave sufficient time for you to reflect, take action and make progress between appointments.

Human Resources Development and Training Services

  • Organizational Development & Learning
  • Recruitment
  • Labor Relations
  • Employee Relations
  • Employee Services
  • Talent Acquisition/Workforce Development
  • Diversity Equity & Inclusion Initiatives 
  • HR best practices and organizational effectiveness 
  • Financial management of human capital 
  • HR data and metrics interpretation
  • Identifies & Develop comprehensive strategies that deliver process improvement 

HR Implementation and Processes

  • Collect data & conduct research
  • Advise management on specific administration projects
  • Advise human resources team about recurring HR issues
  • Help with recruiting, onboarding, and training sessions
  • Create plans that the HR personnel can implement
  • Analyze & advise on the best suitable HR technology
  • Provide updates on the latest HR trends & policy changes

Areas Of Expertise


Consulting for growing businesses with ambitious goals. Take stock and plan for growth with practical, concrete steps.


Confidently navigate the challenges of high level leadership. Learn stronger people management skills, find personal wellbeing and resilience, and improve strategic thinking.


Coaching techniques for leadership positions, means setting yourself up as an effective, authentic leader. Inspire high performing teams and lead a business through creativity and change.

How can leadership coaching benefit you? 1:1 leadership coaching sessions will help you learn how to:

  • Develop your own effective leadership style
  • Identify your core values and how to use these in your role as a leader of others
  • Lead a high-performance business effectively
  • Be a professional leader that leads through example and change
  • Deliver difficult messages when needed with confidence and empathy


Attract and retain customers with an engaging and authentic brand. Refresh your brand assets and develop a marketing strategy.

Do you know what your brand is? Is it working for you? Is it attracting the clients and business that you want? Do your clients and prospective clients have an accurate perception of your business, people and the products and services that you offer?

If your brand needs refreshing or re-positioning, I can work with you to discover the brand that works for you. 

We often think of a company name and logo as your brand, the key test of your brand is how your clients and business associates would describe you to others. I work with you to assess your current business brand and tone of voice and identify if it is authentic to your business and supports your goals. Communication coaching, presentation and pitch success training, sales psychology and client motivators are also investigated during a brand consultation.


Develop strengths to overcome fears and limiting beliefs, build confidence and self-esteem in a natural, lasting way.

Why work with a confidence coach?

Whether you need the confidence to speak up, ask for a promotion, raise your profile at work, apply for a new job, or start your own business, Confidence Coaching techniques can help you build your confidence in an effective, genuine and long-lasting way. While we often think of some people as being naturally confident, confidence can be built up like a muscle with training. Rather than pushing you to take extreme actions or face fears in a traumatic way, I work with you to build confidence through small specific actions that build on each other to build your confidence in a lasting way, at a pace that works for you.

What does confidence coaching involve? In our sessions I will work with you to:

  • Benchmark your self-esteem and natural confidence against your peers to give you a realistic view or your own self-worth
  • Develop regular confidence building practices to help you build your skills and self-belief
  • Value yourself for your unique skills, strengths and experience rather than wasting energy trying to be someone else
  • Identify and break through your limiting beliefs that are holding you back day to day


Overcome performance anxiety and develop your own natural-speaking style to better deliver your message, as well as engage and entertain your audience.


Combine your unique set of experiences, skills and personal attributes into a personal brand that tells a story about you and your career.


Develop your EQi to help you to form healthy, productive relationships. Learn the skills needed to establish rapport and influence more effectively.