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The Specialists at Genesis EQ Group

Therapy Services

"My passion is helping individuals reconnect to themselves. Healing is possible and I will walk through the fire with you to gain emotional stability and freedom from trauma."

Annalise Millet, Ph.D., LCSW

Business & Career Consulting Services

"I will strategize with you to bring your personal and organizational evolution to the forefront. Together, we will leverage your talents, minimize risk,  and launch your career and business into the next phase of success."

Reese Bellamy, Ph.D., MBA


What Our Clients Say

Benefits of EQ Therapies

Working to improve emotional intelligence (EQ), through various coaching, training and therapies, can greatly improve your quality of life, help to build stronger relationships in work and at home, and helps to reduce stress in your life. Learning to nurture your EQ over time will improve your overall happiness, satisfaction in your life and in your dealings with others. If you are curious to learn more on how this can benefit you individually, reach out today for a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!